Monday, 17 June 2013

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Valentino Rossi dah cam ayam je. rasanya sebab accident 2 3 tahun lepas kot. Michael Schumacher decided to make a come back. join team Ross Brawn. dia budget boleh team up macam kat benetton dulu la kot. well, F1 kete cap ayam, mana boleh menang.

Alex Ferguson finally retires. Manchester United dah potong Liverpool. Liverpool panggil balik Kenny Dalglish, dia beli player mahal, tapi tak bagi main. David Moyes ganti Alex Ferguson, rasanya 3 tahun la kot sebelum Manchester United nak pegang title balik. Arsenal lagi sedih, dah 8 tahun tak ada title. jangan kata FA Cup, main League Cup pun kena kitai dengan Bradford.

Well, Atin got married to someone similar like you. business minded. pandai cakap. they both have a child named Sofya. another 1 kat dalam perut. Atin ada degree, grad dengan epic 3.9 CGPA.. kot. but come on. Atin kot. Well, Acap dah habis diploma, sekarang jaga shisha ucu. macam biasa, dia rajin, sekarang dia masyuk je. Alip, dah ada diploma. well at least 1 of them dah naik ambil scroll. Ona still confuse tak tahu nak buat apa lepas SPM. we're all trying to figure things out for her. Aishah, 2 tahun tak berlari, sambung masuk olahraga, jadi lembab. rasanya now dia dah betul-betul malas. you should check out her medal collection. nak gantung kat dinding kang penuh dinding rumah. mama. she's a supermom now. enough said.

atok, on both side dah meninggal. your dad passed away at age 93. gila milage. mom's dad passed away because of heart problem.

me? i got married November last year. we lived in Loke Yew after marriage. some puaka thing happened there so i decided to live at mom's house in shah alam. we're looking for a new house by the way. my in laws are good people. i started to play golf. remember when you joke about using your cane for golfing? haha. me, main golf. kelakar kot. but yeah, i have to admit, its not that easy at all.

there are a lot of thing i wanna say. but it might take forever kalau nak taip semua kat sini.

we're doing fine here. don't worry.

Happy Father's Day

Azrul Maulud

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kemano Kau?

my relationship between me and my music "career" dah sama macam my relationship with my jaw breaking ex girlfriend. on and off again and again. but no, my music stuff won't end like how i destroyed her life (that's what she told everyone anyway).

a friend of mine gave me a link on a list of open mic run by Shaneil Devasier. so i started planning my next gig but sadly i have my own personal issue to deal with. and that is my own social skills. i didnt even make a call to the guy to book my seat. thankfully a friend of mine, Sufiz, planned to go on this one date and booked a seat for me too. thanks Sufiz.

the moment i stepped on the stage feels like the last time i got on stage was 15 years ago. everybody can see my hand were shaking when i'm holding my cup of tea. what? i can't drink tea in a bar? thank to this slot at frontera sol of mexico PJ, i think i can kickstart another push on my music "career". entah berapa kali nak kickstart aku pun tak tahu.

people keep asking me, organizers especially, "datang seorang ke bro?" or "la. takkan seorang je?" and "mana bandmates?". yeah, aku memang tengah cari line up. so far tak ada yang kekal. even band yang nak vocalist pun taknak ambil aku sebab aku tak rock. yeah. i pop. pop shit on your heads. until i find my line up, my Azrul Maulud's Music For Food project tak boleh jalan. so.... solo la. solo.

so where do i go from here? i can't really tell. i migth keep going on and on or maybe i'll stop for a few months just to get my hands shaking all over again on stage. i've chose this path and i won't stop. i know i won't stop.

good luck Azrul

Azrul Maulud